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Information on tungsten: sources, properties and uses


Tungsten Brochure 2009

Essential reading ....  A brand new Tungsten Brochure has been published by ITIA.  This one is 134 pages compared with 33 pages of the 1997 version  and contains fascinating text about the Past, the Present and the Future of Tungsten with copious illustrations. 

For a free copy, contact the Secretariat at info@itia.info and remember to provide your postal address. 

A Booklet - ITIA's History and its Members (2012)

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary AGM, the Association published a Booklet "ITIA History and its Members in 2012.  It contains a brief history of ITIA and a page devoted to each ITIA member company profiling its products and activities.

Copies will be allocated on a "first come, first served" basis as stocks are limited.  For a free copy, contact the Secretariat at info@itia.info

ITIA's Annual Statistics Report (cover to end 2021)

This comprehensive report covering tungsten production, processing, consumption and end-uses may be purchased by non-members from the ITIA Secretariat (the price currently is US$2,000).  Click to view the list of contents.  

ITIA Newsletter

ITIA publishes regular Newsletters.  To join the mailing list and receive a free hard copy, send your postal address to info@itia.info.

Previous issues of particular interest may be downloaded:

 Article of Interest  Issue
  ♦ Recycling of Tungsten - The technology - History, State of the Art and Peculiarities August 2019
  ♦ Recycling of Tungsten - Current Share, Economic Limitations and Future Potential May 2018
  ♦ Tungsten in Superalloys
  ♦ An Overview of the strength and plasticity of Metals
  ♦ Gas turbines for power plants and mechanical drive applications
March 2017
  ♦ Masan Resources Nui Phao Project
  ♦ The Drakelands Mine
June 2016
  ♦ Photocatalyst - A New Application for Tungsten
  ♦ Tungsten Goes 3D Printing
December 2015
  Tungsten in Dentistry June 2015
  Cantung Mine December 2014
  ♦ The Panasqueira Mine at a Glance
  ♦ Atomically Thin Solar Cells made from Tungsten Diselenide
June 2014
  Cemented Carbides in the Soviet Union - The Unknown History December 2013
  The Beautiful Colours of Tungsten Oxides June 2013
  From Deposit to Concentrate: The Basics of Tungsten Mining (Part 2): Operational 
  Practices and Challenges
December 2012
  ♦ From Deposit to Concentrate: The Basics of Tungsten Mining (Part 1)
  ♦ Nickel-Tungsten Tapes Support the 2nd Generation of Hi-Temp Superconductors
June 2012
  Tungsten Chemicals and their Application June 2011
  Tungsten in Life and Medicine December 2010
  Cemented Carbides - A Success Story June 2010
  Tungsten in Nuclear Fusion December 2009
  Tungsten in Steel December 2008
  A Family's Day with Tungsten December 2007
  Tungsten - Still Very Much an Element of Lighting June 2007
  Geology of Tungsten December 2006
  Mineralogy of the Element Tungsten June 2006
  The History of Tungsten  December 2005
  The Trewhiddle Tungsten Bloom June 2005
  Tungsten for a Cleaner Environment (II) December 2004 
  Tungsten for a Cleaner Environment (I) June 2004
  Tungsten in Integrated Circuits December 2003

Copyright: Agreement to cite text from the ITIA's Brochure and Newsletters must be requested in advance from ITIA.  Permission to use the illustrations, however, must be sought direct from the holder of the original copyright.

Other Publications

For more detailed information about tungsten, its alloys and compounds see:



TUNGSTEN: Properties, Chemistry, Technology of the Element, Alloys, and Chemical Compounds
By Erik Lassner and Wolf-Dieter Schubert; Kluver Academic/Plenum Publishers, New York, 1999

: Sources, Metallurgy, Properties, and Applications.  By SWH Yih and CT Wang; Plenum Press, New York, 1979.

TUNGSTEN: Its History, Geology, Ore-Dressing, Metallurgy, Chemistry, Analysis, Applications and Economics.
By KC Li and Chung Yu Wang; Reinhold Publishing Corporation, New York, 1955.

TUNGSTEN: A Treatise on its Metallurgy, Properties and Applications.  By CJ Smithells; Chapman & Hall Ltd, 1936.

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