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Information on tungsten: sources, properties and uses

Sport and Leisure

  • High-tech golf clubs (drivers) and balls contain parts of tungsten to improve stability and performance.
  • Professional darts are made of tungsten heavy metal to stabilise the trajectory.
  • Trekking poles contain cemented carbide hard nails for sure footedness. 
  • High-performance skating blades are made of tungsten-bearing high speed steel to ensure high strength and stability at optional gliding conditions.
  • Tungsten sulfide is used as additive to high performance glides waxes used in skiing and snowboarding. 
  • Tungsten heavy metal weights are used for the balancing of Formula 1 racing cars. 
  • Soccer shoes - a tungsten powder-filled element shifts weight towards the point of impact and ensures maximum take-off and speed of the ball.
  • Tungsten Iridum polarised sunglasses (TANGENT HDO®) give optimal clarity and eye protection.
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