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Information on tungsten: sources, properties and uses

Suppliers of Concentrates

View ITIA members by company or by country / region.

Company Country / Region Website
Abenójar Tungsten SL Spain
Advanced Material Japan Corp Japan www.amjc.co.jp
Buffalo Tungsten Inc USA www.buffalotungsten.com
China Tungsten & Hightech Materials Co Ltd China www.minmetalstungsten.com/
Chongyi Zhangyuan Tungsten Co Ltd China www.zy-tungsten.com
Cronimet Ferroleg GmbH Germany www.cronimet.de
Fireweed Metals Ltd Canada www.fireweedmetals.com
Global Tungsten & Powders USA www.globaltungsten.com
Group 6 Metals Ltd Australia www.g6m.com.au
Jiangxi Tungsten Holding Group Co Ltd China www.jxtc.com.cn
Jiangxi Yaosheng Tungsten Co Ltd China www.w.jx.cn
Kennametal Inc USA www.kennametal.com
Malamet Sdn Bhd Malaysia www.malamet.my
Masan High-Tech Materials Vietnam www.masanhightechmaterials.com
Saloro SLU Spain www.saloro.com
Saxony Minerals & Exploration AG Germany www.smeag.de
Specialty Metals Resources Ltd Hong Kong www.smr.hk
Tungsten Metals Group Ltd Australia www.tungstenmetalsgroup.com
Tungsten Mining NL Australia www.tungstenmining.com
Venture Minerals Ltd Australia www.ventureminerals.com.au
Wogen Resources Ltd UK www.wogen.com
Wolfram Bergbau-und Hutten AG Austria www.wolfram.at
Xiamen Tungsten Co Ltd China www.cxtc.com
Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Group Corp Ltd China www.chinacarbide.com
Zigong Cemented Carbide Co Ltd China www.zgcc.com
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