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Information on tungsten: sources, properties and uses


In recent years, trade in concentrates has diminished and the market has relied more and more upon the APT quotation as a price guide since APT is the product traded in the largest quantity.  Industry prices are mainly based on the quotations published twice a week by London’s "Metal Bulletin", although other trade journals also publish quotations or indicative prices.  Click to view historical pricing sourced from Argus Media as an alternative reference. 

This graph is based on the quotations published by "Metal Bulletin" to which acknowledgement is due. 

  • Metal Bulletin has ceased quotations for Europe wolframite since November 2012
  • The US APT quotations have been converted from stu to mtu for comparison purpose.  Metal Bulletin has ceased US APT quotations since August 2012
  • The ferro-tungsten quotations have been converted from kg W to mtu of WO3 for comparison purposes
  • This information is based on Metal Bulletin's twice-weekly quotations, but the averages have been calculated by ITIA and rounded.

Notes for information:

  • A metric ton unit (mtu) is 10kg
  • A metric ton unit of tungsten trioxide (WO3) contains 7.93kgs of tungsten
  • A short ton unit (stu) is 20 pounds
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