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Information on tungsten: sources, properties and uses

About ITIA

The International Tungsten Industry Association was formally inaugurated in 1988 and is registered under Belgian Law as a not-for-profit association with scientific purposes.

The principal aims of the ITIA are defined as follows:

  • to promote the use of tungsten and tungsten products
  • to co-ordinate the extensive work programme of the ITIA Health, Safety and Environment Committee, including:
    • regulatory and classification issues,
    • monitoring proposed legislation, 
    • developing scientific data on the impact of tungsten on human health and the environment,
    • in response to the EU's legislation "REACH", ITIA has set up a Tungsten Consortium which is open to Association members and non-members alike
  • to organise regular meeting fora for the tungsten industry worldwide
  • to collate from different sources, comprehensive statistics covering tungsten production, processing, consumption and end-uses and to circulate an annual statistical report to its members.  This report may be purchased by non-members (the price currently is US$2,000).  Click to view the list of contents.  Visitors seeking market information should access the sections "Publications" and "About Tungsten" where there is a limited amount of historial data. 
  • to collate and circulate on a regular basis information relating to the ITIA's activities and to arrange for publication of a periodic newsletter
  • to liaise and exchange information with other metal trade associations.

To apply for membership of ITIA, click here for an application form. 


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