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Information on tungsten: sources, properties and uses

Höganäs Germany GmbH

Address Im Schleeke 78-91, 38642 Goslar, Germany
Country Germany
Phone +49 5321 7510
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Email germany@hoganas.com
Website www.hoganas.com

Höganäs Germany GmbH's product portfolio consists of high quality surface coating, ceramic and metal powders. Typical applications for tungsten carbide-based powders include rolls for galvanizing lines in the steel industry. Cermet for coatings on furnace rolls are part of the Company's specialty portfolio.  Because of the high standards in wear, erosion, abrasion and corrosion resistance, Höganäs' tungsten carbide metals and alloys are highly used in the oil and gas industry.  The Company's tungsten carbide products make it possible for applications in mud roters, ball and gate valves, plungers and piston rods to generate excellent results in extreme conditions such as high pressure from water and sub-sea environments and permanent NaCl exposure.

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