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Information on tungsten: sources, properties and uses


In recent years, trade in concentrates has diminished and the market has relied more and more upon the APT quotation as a price guide since APT is the product traded in the largest quantity.  Industry prices are mainly based on the quotations published twice a week by London’s "Metal Bulletin", although other trade journals also publish quotations or indicative prices.  Click to view historical pricing sourced from Metal-Pages and Ryan's Notes  as alternative references. 

This graph is based on the quotations published by "Metal Bulletin" to which acknowledgement is due. 

  • Metal Bulletin has ceased quotations for Europe wolframite since November 2012
  • The US APT quotations have been converted from stu to mtu for comparison purpose.  Metal Bulletin has ceased US APT quotations since August 2012
  • The ferro-tungsten quotations have been converted from kg W to mtu of WO3 for comparison purposes
  • This information is based on Metal Bulletin's twice-weekly quotations, but the averages have been calculated by ITIA and rounded.

Notes for information:

  • A metric ton unit (mtu) is 10kg
  • A metric ton unit of tungsten trioxide (WO3) contains 7.93kgs of tungsten
  • A short ton unit (stu) is 20 pounds
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